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Why are Social Networks important?

Almost everyone in this world has at least one account on social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter … group almost one billion users in a single segment; people who update and check their social networks daily. For people, it is a matter of leisure, but for companies it has become an ideal and real source of information for their current or potential clients.

The emergence of social networks has changed the way in which companies interact with their customers, contributing to a more agile and direct communication. Therefore, today it is essential that every company has a presence in social networks and use them as a marketing tool.

How to make an advertising campaign in Social Networks

Increasingly we spend less time in front of the television, but instead, we spend much more time in front of our mobile phones or tablets.

This has meant that television advertising or billboards no longer arouse the user’s confidence or interest. In contrast, advertising on social networks is segmented and specific, so that users rely much more on it. More than 80% of social network users declare their trust towards products or services advertised on social networks.

To advertise on social networks you have to pay, it is inevitable. But do you have to pay a lot? No, and above all, the amount will be minimal if we manage to get a return on it.

Advantages of advertising in Social Networks

Here are the main advantages of advertising on social networks:

  • This type of advertising allows you to better segment the target audience to reach profiles that are interested in your products.
  • In social networks there is no minimum amount to advertise. You can spend the entire budget in a day or create a campaign that lasts for months.
  • There are many different ways to advertise, either through graphics, text, videos, etc.
  • It allows you to track ads and know the number of visits, clicks, impressions, etc.

How to create an effective Social Networks strategy?

To reach your potential customers on social networks and gain visibility does not help to create content without meaning, it is necessary to study the sector, the competition and prepare a social media strategy.

This strategy is reflected in the Social Media Plan. If you are not up to date and you denote users that you do not have a good planning, your brand image can be seriously damaged, because people take popularity and updates of companies in social networks very seriously. Do you want us to help you develop a social media strategy to attract your potential customers? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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