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SEO or Organic Positioning

What is SEO or organic positioning?

In the early 90s the first search engines emerged, as a result, all web programmers and designers began to prepare web pages to reach the top positions. SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of a website to improve the visibility in search engines such as Google and organic positioning (free of charge) in the search engines.


How does SEO positioning work?

As we have explained, SEO positioning is to optimize a website to be in the top positions of the search engines, so that if a user searches for your product or service you go out in the first five pages. In fact, there are studies that show that users do not usually pass the fifth page in the results offered by search engines.

The functioning of SEO is the following: search engines store millions of web pages and blogs in their databases, and when someone performs a search, they will appear in order of relevance and optimization in relation to their search criteria (keyword).


Web optimization strategies for SEO

SEO is important for users to find what they are looking for on your website and for search engines to better understand what you offer and in what keywords you are relevant. In addition to the relevance of a web page, it is also important to optimize this page for search engines.

There are two types of web optimization for SEO:

  • SEO On-Page: On-site SEO is the optimization of the website at the content level so that it has relevance for both the user and the search engine. Within the SEO on-page we can find different actions such as: keyword optimization (keyword), the loading speed of the web, the user experience and the format of the URLs.
  • SEO Off-Page: The off-site SEO are all the actions that are carried out outside the web page. As off-site SEO actions we can find mentions in local media, actions carried out in social networks, the number and importance of links, online brand authority and website conversions.


Types of organic positioning

There are two types of organic positioning, the black hat SEO, which is to position yourself in the search engines through unethical techniques or contrary to their policies, which penalize this type of SEO; and the white hat SEO, which is to comply with the rules and use your wits to position yourself correctly in the search engines.


Why is SEO important?

The importance of SEO is explained from different angles. The one that is perhaps more important (for which SEO is necessary) is that it makes our web or blog much more accessible at the level of positioning for users through the search engines. That is, it gives more visibility and positions above the competition. This is important because if potential customers do not find you or do not know about your existence, it will be difficult to make progress in your idea, however good it may be and however much this idea is the best or most suitable for those users.

Understanding how these search engines work (or what search criteria exist) is key and vital for our online business or blog to be in the top positions. As an agency specialized in SEO positioning, we will be happy to offer you solutions and results. In addition, we have at your disposal several initial, intermediate or expert packs so that you stop going unnoticed and start to stand out in the online world. Call us at 931221212 or contact us.

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