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What is digital marketing

Nowadays, it is very important to use all the available technologies to develop online strategies and implement marketing and communication plans. Digital marketing is the application of all those actions and commercial strategies carried out in the online world. Offline marketing is complementary to online marketing, since it is necessary to enhance the image of your company in the digital world and outside of it.

What are digital marketing strategies for?

Online marketing serves to increase your sales, attract and retain customers or increase the notoriety of your brand. As advantages of digital marketing we can highlight the following: 

  • Comfort os use and daily management.
  • Speed ​​in the diffusion of messages, campaigns, corporate videos, logos …
  • Expansion of the market, since with digital marketing you reach many more customers than in the traditional way.
  • Access to our content, services or products is timeless, you can sell even when you are sleeping.

Due to the growing importance of the digital world, companies are striving to apply digital marketing strategies in order to be better positioned in the search engines.

This is due, not only to its comfort of use and daily management, but also to its advantages when it comes to spreading a message, campaign, corporate videos, logo, etc.

Traditional marketing has to make room for digital marketing, since it allows to use the Internet and its elements to reach customers from anywhere in the world. Millions of users will have easy and timeless access to everything we spread, and that must be taken advantage of. Without a doubt, we are in a digital world.


What are the main digital marketing tools?

There are several online marketing tools, whose function is to be distribution channels and position our brand, products, services or messages at the top of the search engines in order to reach our target audience in a more effective way.

Any digital marketing strategy requires planning and a marketing plan that is developed based on different actions and tools such as: 

    • SEO or organic positioning: This online marketing tool will help you gain visibility and although it requires low economic investment, its needs time, dedication and perseverance. It’s about making contents for your website that are optimized for search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.), based on the keywords that are relevant in your case.
    • SEM o or sponsored links: Esta herramienta de marketing digital requiere de una inversión más elevada ya que son todos esos anuncios que aparecen en los buscadores a modo de patrocinio. Suele usarse en empresas que necesitan un posicionamiento rápido y un retorno inmediato.
    • Email Marketing: Consists in the massive sending of emails to current or potential  customersto promote a service, a product or make a brand communication.
    • Blogs: Blogs facilitate the diffusion of corporate messages, as well as loyalty and corporate image messages. They also allow to keep the news of the company updated, as well as generate opinion.
    • Social Media: Another indispensable tool is social media. More than a billion people gather there daily. There is no better market niche.
    • Content Marketing and Copywriting: In web positioning content is the king. It is very important to write content relevant for the user and optimized for search engines.

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