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What is SEM positioning?

Advertising or positioning SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are paid ad campaigns in search engines. That is to say, it consists of advertising in search engines like Google, so that when someone searches for a key word (s) that the advertiser has bought, their web appears in the first positions. These links are those that appear in the search engine as “sponsored links”.

These actions are usually carried out by powerful or reputable companies or companies that want to start with force their journey in the network. Companies place their ads in search results pages that match what they are offering or selling.

Importance of SEM

The importance of SEM or payment positioning is vital for carrying out more aggressive campaigns on a website, especially when it comes to newly created websites.

When a company wants to start its journey, it is best to ensure that their products and services get good visibility in the short term that make them relevant on the Internet. For this, the most appropriate option is to apply SEM strategies.

There are many reasons why SEM campaigns are essential to your growth strategy, but the most important ones are the ones listed below:

  •  Appearance in the first positions of the search engines: In this case, the relevance increases to levels that depend on how much you paid for it. In this way, you get directly to your potential customers.
  • Measurement of results: With the use of SEM you can track the actions taken and thus measure: the number of clicks, the bounce rate, the average visit time, the conversion rate, the purchases per client, etc.
  • Worldwide reach: With SEM you can reach customers from all over the world, with no time limit. This allows you to segment and differentiate according to your needs.

SEO or SEM, what is better?

Well, it depends on each situation. If your product or service is international and highly competitive, SEM is more appropriate. It provides short-term results and without investing as much of your time as SEO needs.

But the truth is that SEO and SEM strategies are necessarily complementary. It is true that by much, but that much work and perseverance is possible to get very good results using only the free option, SEO. However, we must remember that more than 90% of visitors choose pages that are placed in the top ten of the search.

Also, a SEM strategy usually needs help from his partner. Yes, we can buy the love of the users, make guest articles and get sponsored links. However, we can not guarantee anything or know if tomorrow there will be penalties from Google.

It is estimated that less than half of the websites or blogs invest in SEM or SEO. This is partly due to the lack of knowledge, but unfortunately it translates into lost opportunities to gain visibility on the network and increase sales.

If you want to boost the visibility of your company on the Internet, do not hesitate to contact our agency specialized in SEM positioning.



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